Change ion grid structure dinamically

Hi im using ion-grid to organize my application content, i need to move elements while application is running because i need to show different templates between users.
Someone can view a logo in right bottom corner and another one can view this logo in the center of the screen.

is there any way to change grid structure?

i had an idea and tried it, with pure html and css like this

    <div class="grid-content">
        <ion-item class="item-logo">
            item one

        <ion-item class="item-name">
            item two


and Css

  display: grid;
  grid-gap: 10px; 
  grid-column: var(--col-name) ;
  grid-row: var(--row-name);

  grid-column: var(--col-logo);
  grid-row: var(--row-logo);

And later change the variables with elementRef, but application show blank page.