Carpool application - SpringBoot + Ionic?

First post here :slight_smile:

I’m about to undertake my bachelors final year project and would like some suggestions/feedback if possible?

It’s a carpool application, with functionality such as signing up etc, setting routes and suggesting the best routes etc… I wanted it to be available to work well on ios/android & also useable as a desktop site. Ionic looks great for this, but I was wondering if it would work well to use Spring Boot to handle the server side programming?



Do you already know Spring? If you only use it for the backend, I don’t see why you need a “run everywhere” tool like that. It isn’t public-facing. The run-everywhere code would be the Ionic app that the user installs. So you could use whatever backend language is best for the situation.

Spring feels a bit … much for such a simple app - but sure it would work just fine.

I was thinking it might be. I’m used to Spring Boot though. What are some simpler frameworks I could look into? I don’t want to end up over complicating it just for the sake of me knowing it a bit better.

Already knowing something always trumps possible complexity reduction, especially for such projects where your professor might prefer Spring Boot because he tought you how to use it :wink:

If you are into PHP, Laravel comes to mind.
For node.js, a super simple express app for example.

Aha I’m sure once I’ve suggested anything to my professor they will have another solution!

I’ve seen some good feedback on Firebase as a backend for storing all of my data. Have you had any experience with it yourself?

Thank you for the feedback as well :slight_smile: