Car key Radio Frequency listener Ionic


I want to create an app that gives me the possibility to tell me I locked/unlocked my car.
Car keys uses radio frequencies to unlock/lock cars.

If you don’t understand my explanation I created a little scenario that may help you to understand what I want to do.

First of all I would have to give my keys a profile, ie: “Jardi’s Keys”.
After creating my profile I would have to link the key buttons (unlock/lock) with the app, make the app learn wich car button is the open button and which is the locked button.

So I assume I would have to create a first listener event for the radio frequency of the unlock button a second listener event for the radio frequency of the lock button.

After that I would like to make it possible that every time I go out of my car and I press the lock button on my car keys I get a notification on my phone from the app ----> “Your car is locked”. And if I press the unlock button I get a notification -----> “Your car is unlocked”.

Scenario to make sure you understood:

John is going to his car and press the unlock button, john get’s a notification on his smartphone that he just unlocked his car.

Is this possible with ionic?
Can I make it possible that the app doesnt have to be launched for it to work?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: