Capture Images without opening camera

Hello everyone,

Is there anyway to capture the images in background.
This means on click event the function will be called and camera capture the images from camera plugin in background, the background means the camera native UI will not be shown up or visible to the user.

Its sort of spy app!

Anyone have tweaked the functionality of camera plugin please let me know.


Yes, at least in android, I believe one can achieve that by effectively making the preview window 0 pixels. There are posts on stack overflow that do this and also a cordova plugin. Not sure about iOS.

That being said, purely on an intent basis, please make sure the user knows what is going on, if you plan to do this in a published app.

Brother do I need to tweak the camera plugin? or to implement this plugin:

I want this to work on both of the platforms, the plugin you shared is supported only for android.
Moreover, I donot want the user to capture the image. I’m taking images without the user concern.
Its sort of SPY App.


use this plugin

hello all ,I have one problem ,in whatsapp application when I click on camera icon …how that list
of images are display from gallery directly ??… please help me …am not
able to find solution to this task “how to display list of horizontal
images of gallery in ionic application instead of taking picture through camera” …i use camera ,imagepicker,imageviewer…
plugin but still not find solution

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I have no idea about this, please let me know this also.


you solve your that problem ? "capture images without opening camera " ?

yes but it produces the camera sound

okay …have you ever found that …camera is not working in some devices …am not able to solve that problem…camera is opening in android 6 -v devices …but not in 5 and 4

Article. It’s better to get special camera to get image in secret - apps do the job quite rare. Tried it a few times and almost all the time it has failed, so i actually gave up on idea making my smartphone a special agent device.

Hello @charlestsmith, can you please share how did you achieved that…