Capture audio for set duration

Hi guys.

I’ve been doing some testing and research and am having an issue with the audio capturing.

I’ve tried captureAudio in the media-capture plugin as well as new media in the media plugin.

captureAudio: The audio options has a duration specified, however my LG G2 on Android 4.4.2 seems to totally ignore the duration, after some Googling it seems that Android ignores the duration option while it works on iOS.

new media: The phonegap documentation has a nice example of how to start audio recording and stop it after a number of seconds. However this results in audio error 1 or audio error 3 on my LG G2 on Android 4.4.2. After some Googling it seems that Kit Kat doesn’t have a default sound recorder and that this functionality will not work at the moment.

Does anyone have any other advice or a potential work around? I just want to capture audio for a set duration.

Many thanks.


Did you find any solution to this problem? I am suffering from the same problem now. I hope you did and share it.