@capacitor/push-notifications no longer supports sounds on iOS?

Using iOS 16.6.1

Updated application recently to use @capacitor/push-notifications 5.1.0

my presentationOptions look like:
plugins: {
PushNotifications: {
presentationOptions: [“badge”, “sound”, “alert”],

After publishing the app, the options for the “Sounds” have gone missing in the Notification Center in the Settings-> Notifications → {application}

Old version of application:

New version of application:

And there are no longer any sounds when a notification comes in.

Any help appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Did you install @capawesome/capacitor-badge plugin?
There was a similar issue reported and the problem was that the user installed that plugin.
If not, check other push related plugins. @capacitor/push-notifications has not changed anything related to the sound.