@capacitor/push-notifications: Message targeting without Firebase Analytics


I set a more or less funny trap for myself: My app includes a paid account. I promise paying users that they are not tracked after they paid. Google Analytics needs a consent from the user in the EU, so I disable FirebaseAnalytics for my paying users.

Now I have a problem with @capacitor/push-notifications and firebase push notifications: I’m not able to target “paying users” and “not paying users” seperately with push notifications, because the targeting uses FirebaseAnalytcs audiences for that. And I don`t want to send push notifications like “Become a paying member until next tuesday for only x €” to the already paying users.

Does somebody have an idea on how to manage this? The ideas I had:

  1. Channels could be a solution. I could create a “Paying users” channel, which is only created if user is a paying user, and a “Not paying users” channel for the users who do not pay. But this only works for Android, and my app has an iOs version

  2. Is it possible to use iOs Topics with @capacitor/push-notifications? This could be the solution for iOs

  3. Or is it maybe possible to filter the pushNotificationReceived callback and suppress messages if user is logged in?

Or does somebody have a better idea?

Thank you!

Is my question understandable? Or is there just no answer to it?