Capacitor Keyboard "resize": "none" only working for iOS

Unsure if this is a new feature added or I just discovered it, but you can inside of capacitor.config.json set the following:

	"appId": "",
	"appName": "Foo Bar",
	"webDir": "www",
	"bundledWebRuntime": false,
	"plugins": {
		"Keyboard": {
			"resize": "none"

Which essentially allows the keyboard to cross over the footer or page elements and also not resize the webview, such as a list. It is super nice and I like it. Sadly I only have been able to get it to work in iOS. I am unsure if something special on Android or Gradle that needs to be done in order to get it to work there.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I did notice the “resizeOnFullScreen: boolean → There is an Android bug that prevents the keyboard from resizing the WebView when the app is in full screen (i.e. if StatusBar plugin is used to overlay the status bar)”, but unsure of its relation to my issues described.

Capacitor Keyboard Docs

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