Capacitor ios14 input caret/cursor missing

There have been input caret issues over the years, but this one is new to me. The caret just won’’ show up sometimes.

It’s completely random. If I force press the keyboard to move the caret, it will show up then. But I can’t get the caret to show until then.

I’ve seen discussion online a year or so old about different hacks (adding something to the dom, changing the selection start/end, etc) to retrigger displaying. Nothing has worked for me.

Anyone else?

Please share some code that you’ve tried, and perhaps a video reproducing the issue too. If it seems like a legit Capacitor bug, log an issue here.

I figured it out late yesterday - sorry for the bother.

It appears there is a but on iOS 14 webview if you use caret-color. Randomly, when caret-color is in use, the caret is just invisible. And there is no pattern or way to trigger it to show again.

I removed caret-color and we’re all good :slight_smile:

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