Capacitor/IOS styling

I’m new to Capacitor.
I’m having a problem when deploying the app to XCode. There is no errors in the output and is related to the styling of the application.

For reference, I used this template as the start for my app: GitHub - hogivano/vue-capacitor: Base Project for Vue 3, Capacitor, Elements UI, Tailwindcss

On my local machine, when running npm run serve, the application is deployed to http://localhost:8080/ and has the correct styles. I am importing a stylesheet and using TailwindCSS and some other custom styles.


When deploying to XCode, the styles do not show up at all.


Can anyone advise please? Again, I am new to capacitor so still figuring things out.


Have you looked in the github issues in this project to see if there is a similar problem? If not, you should ask this question within the project. The author that provided this template should be able to help you out better than we can since he is familiar with how the project is structured.

BTW this has nothing to do with capacitor but a vue/tailwind css issue.

I have looked in github yes, and no issues. The setup is quite simple for this, just a normal capacitor app that imports tailwind styles. I can ask the person who created the repo but I imagined someone here would have had this issue before?