Can't use LoadingController in ionViewWillEnter. ( sample source in GitHub repository)

In TabsPage, can’t use LoadingController in ionViewWillEnter.
If it use, “index tab page”'s ionViewWillEnter will don’t work.

for example.

in AboutPage, LoadingController use in ionViewWillEnter.

When display HomePage (after display AboutPage), don’t work HomePage’s ionViewWillEnter. this can happen tab’s root only. You can confirm console.log().

When use AlertController, same phenomenon happen.

I want to method this solved.


@rdlabo I’m getting this issue as well. I’ve tried moving the loadingController logic into ionViewWillEnter, ionViewDidEnter and my page’s constructor. None of these worked.

The issue only happens when I set the root of the navigation stack using the navigationController from App ( same method used when setting the root from the side menu in the ionic conference app ). There doesn’t seem to be a problem if I navigate with the tabs.

@scorney thanks and sorry. I write detail procedure of trouble.

  1. $ionic serve
  2. display HomePage => HomePage’s ionViewWillEnter work
  3. tap AboutPage => AboutPage’s ionViewWillEnter work
  4. tap HomePage => HomePage’s ionViewWillEnter don’t work.


@rdlabo I’ve raised this on GitHub here

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@scorney thanks for suggest! I know this trouble is well-known.

This will be fixed in the next release of Ionic ( beta 12 ). Full details on the GitHub page.

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