Can't upload App icon


I’m having a problem uploading the App icon for Apple export.
It just keep saying “Uploading” and nothing happens.
My image is PNG 1024x1024 (no rounded corners).
The splash screen uploads without any problems.
Help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


Try 512x512
If you hover the cursor over it should show you the requirements


Hi Artisani
I got it to work closing the browser and clearing the cache.
But thanks for the reply.


HI There.
I have similar problem.
I try close browser and clear the cache, but keep saying UPLOADING…

Can you help me?


The app icon is still 512x512.

1024x1024 is for the App Store


My icon is 512x512


I’m having the same problem. My icon is 512x512 png.


Not sure what the issue could be, do you want to send me the image and I’ll see if I can get it to work.


This is my Icon:


Hi there,

the image was 500x500 (email may have changed it) I scaled it to 512x512 and used it on a ionic creator app, published with no issues.

hopefully it works for you, let me know if you’re still having problems

Daniel Manchester
Development Manager


Hi Dear Supporters,
Same with me, same Error in Debug console. I checked it having the size 512x512, and tried all Browsers, and png as well as .psd.
May someone help?
Thanks a lot!


I think that ionic creator do not have supporters!


An Icon may be uploaded on page “My projects”. Upload on page “Export” is buggy.

(Scroll down to “Business and Customer Support”)


Currently experiencing the same issue. I have tried to clear the cache and restart the browser but to no avail… The splashscreen uploads fine, it’s just the icon that keeps “loading”.

Anybody from the Ionic Creator team know a workaround or have an idea when this will be resolved?


FYI, I have used the “My Projects” for now which works fine. Thanks @omnigrid


Its not work for me

Enviado do meu iphone


They are not around, that’s why I posted the link to the official support forms. Use it.


It’s works!!



Hi, sorry, how i do to upload the icon from “my proyects” ? Thanks