Can't upload an image/file from iPhone SE (Only SE)


I’m developing an app where, at some point, you can upload an image or a file. On Android I use a filechooser plugin that works fine. No problem with that. But, when I tested my app on Apple devices, this is what happened:

iPhone 5s (10.3.3) - OK
iPhone 5c (10.3.2) - OK
iPhone 6s (10.3.2) - OK
iPad (9.3.5) - OK
iPhone SE - FAIL

As you see, the only device where I couldn’t upload anything was the iPhone SE. When you try to upload something, nothing happens. The iOS native filechooser shows up, you select some file or make a photo, press “Ok”… and that’s all. is empty.

I can’t understand why the app works on iPad, iPhone 5/6, iOS 9/10 but not on the iPhone SE. What’s special about this model? What I missing here?

By the way, I’m using Ionic 2.2.

P.S. Excuse my english.

I also had this problem for resolve this problem i converted image to base64 and post to server :sweat_smile:

But how do you get the image in first place to convert.

On iPhone SE returns empty. The other iPhone models returns the attached files, but not the SE.

Can be some system setting or something like that?

you most use this options for base64 image

// sourceType used for select type for sample gallery or camera 
 public takePicture(sourceType) {
  // Create options for the Camera Dialog
  var options = {
    quality: 100,
    sourceType: sourceType,
    allowEdit: true,
    saveToPhotoAlbum: true,
    targetWidth: 600,
    targetHeight: 600,
    correctOrientation: true,
  // Get the data of an image => {
    // Special handling for Android library
    if ('android') && sourceType === {


    } else {

  }, (err) => {
    this.presentToast('Error while selecting image.');


this code push base64 image to images array and you can post this array to server and convert to any format of image