Can't type in ionic console tool

I recently updated Ionic and now something strange happens: I can’t type in console.

When I started new project with ionic start new <project>, it asked me about various things (eg whether to use cordova) and pressing Y or N did not give any result.

Now I’m trying to link app with Ionic pro (ionic link --pro-id <id>) and I can enter my e-mail address, but I can’t enter my password, I type (or paste) password and press enter and nothing happens.

Any ideas?

just enter your password and press enter it will work !
you can’t see anything because password field intraction hide by default :sweat_smile:

I know that password is hidden.
I entered my password and pressed enter key and nothing happened. Even after a few minutes. I added --verbose flag and no log appeared after entering password.

EDIT: I can’t even interrupt the command with CTRL+C or CTRL+Z.

Another symptom.

I logged in with non-interactive command ionic login <email> <passwod> and I fired ionic link again. Now I can’t choose an option in question:

? Which git host would you like to use? (Use arrow keys)
❯ GitHub
Ionic Pro

I also found that I can always answer the first question, and it freezes on second question.

It works fine in ionic version 4.0.5 and is broken from version 4.0.6

have you try this command by run command prompt as administrator ?

No, I don’t see any reason to use ionic as admin (sudo).

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