Cant switch language in ios


Hi all,

For some reason when the user “touches” an input in my ionic app, when the keyboard opens, only English and Emoji keyboards are available even i have defined a Hebrew one.
I have checked with other apps in the simulator and Hebrew keyboard works for them.
Is there some definition i am missing? perhaps in config.xml?

Added images to demonstrate the problem:


Try adding this piece of code in your Info.plist (Open it as Source Code) inside the dict labels:



Thanks for the reply, however i could not find such a file under the project.


Are you seeing this on a device or only in the simulator? If you have a multi-language keyboard in iOS, you can change the language there.

For instance, on my device I have a hebrew keyboard. So when I tapped the input, I got hebrew characters.


Does the cursor direction change upon the language change ?
I’m changing the language to Arabic but the cursor stays on the left.