Can't share links on iOS 10 with Corodva Social Sharing plugin

I’m trying to use the Cordova Social Share plugin from NgCordova. Everything is working except for links on iOS. I’m specifically trying to share a link in the body of an email. It’s working on Android (marshmallow) but it is NOT working on any of the share sheet options for iOS 10. Has anyone else had this issue? I’m also not 100% sure if the email option is supposed to be able to share links in this plugin even though it’s working on Android. Any ideas?

Here is the code:

$cordovaSocialSharing.share(shareMessage, 'Sent from My App', null, '');


I have the same problem, how did you solve it?

I had to add the protocol (https:// or http://) on the front of the link in order for it to work. Otherwise iOS will strip it out probably for security reasons.

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Hey Actually i had a similar requirement, see my post. Social Share Plugin - ios doesnt show app icon

Were you able to get the image appear in the iOS share sheet?