Can't Run Ionic 3 Project After recover folder

Hi, Recently my external hard disk suddenly wipe all my data including all my ionic project. So i tried to recover the project folder and i success in doing it. But when i open html file, it shows coding that i didn’t familiar with.

example: home.html

`“use strict”;
var startWith_1 = require(’…/operators/startWith’);
/* tslint:enable:max-line-length /

  • Returns an Observable that emits the items you specify as arguments before it begins to emit
  • items emitted by the source Observable.
  • @param {…T} values - Items you want the modified Observable to emit first.
  • @param {Scheduler} [scheduler] - A {@link IScheduler} to use for scheduling
  • the emissions of the next notifications.
  • @return {Observable} An Observable that emits the items in the specified Iterable and then emits the items
  • emitted by the source Observable.
  • @method startWith
  • @owner Observable
    function startWith() {
    var array = [];
    for (var _i = 0; _i < arguments.length; _i++) {
    array[_i - 0] = arguments[_i];
    return startWith_1.startWith.apply(void 0, array)(this);
    exports.startWith = startWith;

when i tried to run ionic lab --serve. it said “Could not parse package.json. Is it a valid JSON file?”.

Is there any ways to recover this project??