Can't resolve all parameters for Deploy: (?, ?)

When I am trying to add ionic deploy service on an application I get the Following Error: please help

I have the same issue here.
If i add it to the providers it give this error, if I remove from it, it says there ins’t provider.

I’m testing it on browser platform , is it the problem ?

Just compiled it for android, and got the same error.

Describe all the steps you took to att Ionic Deploy to your app.

I added the plugin at ionic

ionic cordova plugin add ionic-plugin-deploy --save

At app.module.ts i added:

import {Deploy} from '@ionic/cloud-angular';

    providers: [

at app.component.ts I added

import {Deploy} from '@ionic/cloud-angular';
constructor( public deploy: Deploy, ...

it give error even without using the deploy class at app

I appear to give error inside declaration. I don’t know;

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Did you also install @ionic/cloud-angular?

Yes, i did installed @ionic/cloud-angular

I have those two installed

At config.xml

<plugin name="ionic-plugin-deploy" spec="~0.6.7" />

and package.json

"@ionic/cloud-angular": "^0.12.0",

Please try the same steps with a newly created app: ionic start blank blank. If you have the same error, upload the code to Github and post the link here.

Just posted the blank app in github, with same error.

All this seems to be missing:

Yes. It was missing in my project too.

It compiled without errors and stopped runtime error.

Now I will implement the deploy routines.

Thank you.

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(The documentation could definitely be better here, if you only look at Deploy this is not 100% clear. Let’s hope the new verison of Deploy with Ionic Pro will have better docs)