Can't play music with src ipod-library:// via native plugins (Media, Native Audio)

Hi, all I have an issue, I can’t play music with src ipod-library://item/item.mp3?id=1575650902221466280.
I use a media plugin for this purpose and it doesn’t work, also I’ve tried native audio plugin and got an error asset not found. When I use html 5 audio tag I don’t have any issues with it, but with using html5 audio I don’t have volume control as it is restricted on ios devices.
Help to solve this issue, thanks.

We have had nothing but problems with the cordova-plugin-media. We could not get it working with mp3 files stored in the local filesystem – i.e., playing a file like file:///assets/1.mp3. It just would not work for us. Posts on the cordova slack groups have yielded no results.

We have ended up using the html5 audio tag.


Thanks, maybe exist some others plugins for playing local stored music with url ipod-library?