Can't display a local SVG File


I try to use Document From FilePicker and display a SVG file in my application.
Currently I can have the file location with this code

    .then(uri => {
      this.goToWire({"url": uri})
    .catch(err => console.log('Error', err));

But when i try to use it like :
TS File :

this.svg = "file://"+this.params;

HMTL File :

<object type="image/svg+xml" [data]="svg" id="my-embed"></object>

Nothing append. I have an empty place in the application.

I try to use object, embed and iframe in order to display SVG file

I also try this kind of things :

    .then((fileEntry: FileEntry) => {
      this.svg = fileEntry.nativeURL;

What I want to do ?
I want to display/zoom/edit an SVG file located in folder from apple application (I use an application named “Documents” from apple store to store my file.
Everything works when i use an assets file.
But when I try to use a file picked in Folder, nothing works anymore.

Thank you for answer,