Can't change popover input field (twice)


I have a popover with a text field in it. In my controller I have the following:

$scope.cancelStamp = function($event){
		$scope.amount = 0;

The view has this:

<input id="amount" type="number" min="0" ng-model="amount" placeholder="0,00" class="input-number item-input" />

When I open the popover the first time and click the button that calls “cancelStamp” it will reset the value to 0, just like you would expect. However, when I change the input field value to e.g. 20 and click the button again, it’s not being reset to 0.

Note that it also doesn’t work when I first change a value in the text field and then call the cancelStamp() function. My guess is this has something to do with the model overwriting the value or something?

Any idea where I should look for what can be wrong here?