Can't access to external sources when I'm on a prod APK

Hi there !

I have an app, who worked since the begining, I have my beautiful images, and then, I made another build with more features wich are not related to this issue, and after this build, all images, scripts who are external doesn’t show and so, doesn’t work anymore…
More stressful and frustrating, when I dev and test my app on my computer (with ionic serve) it works, but when I export the project, all externals sources are gone. :frowning:

You may asking, what is precisely my issue ? ^^
To do this shortly, all images and scripts begining with “https” or “http”, doesn’t work and doesn’t print on my phone screen only when the app is into an APK.

Hope you can help me !
Tell me if you need more informations :slight_smile:

As your attempts help us to better understand what you want. Please edit the question to show what you’ve tried. Share minimal reproducible example.

I don’t know if it’s reproducible but I was coding and testing on my computer (and smartphone with ionic serve --devapp), all my content appeared and I was able to view images on my computer and my phone via the webserver.

Just after those changements, I changed text and created a new page, on my computer it worked, so I exported this project in an apk (cordova build --release android), and tried on my phone, the app launched, but the external sources like images and ionicon script didn’t show up…