Cannot sign-in my app with Google

I’m an ionic noob. I’m trying to login in to my app via social media apis.

I first followed this tutorial app:

This worked fine in browser but didn’t work once installed in phone. So I switched to installing to the following plugins

  1. phonegap-facebook-plugin (which works fine)

  2. EddyVerbruggen/cordova-plugin-googleplus (This one gave me build errors)
    So after reading this issue about EddyVerbruggen/cordova-plugin-googleplus I went on and installed nl.x-services.plugins.googleplus

I have installed the plugin nl.x-services.plugins.googleplus but I get the error “Class not found” @ the line where I call window.plugins.googleplus.login

Have you installed Extras > Services Google Play from SDK manager?

No is that a pre-requisite? Let me try this.

Hey I tried it with no luck. Can you explain how installing this would’ve made a difference?

When you start using some Google services you need some SDK extras that provide missing parts of the SDK. Sometimes it 's not easy to know what to install so usually I recommend that beginners installs all the packages under Extras.
In your case, this is a requirement of the plugin you use and it’s documented.

I installed Extras > Services Google Play but this did not help. I’ve been reading a lot of threads on this forum, and trying to solve this, but nothing helped me. Please let me know if you require more information from me about my implementation.