Cannot see anything on my Ionic App

I only see this on my browser when using ionic serve.

When I inspect element, I see that all the components are there:

I thought the following css is hiding my components:

html:not(.hydrated) body {
    display: none;

but, when I disable this css I see this:

I don’t see any errors in the console and so I don’t know what to do to fix this.

Thanks in advance!

Can you share your project, or at least a recreation of this? Just tried this out with a fresh project and everything seems to be working fine there.

I have uploaded the code on GitHub. GitHub - aapl-yumi/blue-chat

So first issue I’m seeing is that I can’t get dependencies install due to react-hammerjs not supporting react 17…

But since this project is using @ionic/react@6, you need to call setupIonicReact in your root App component.


I was getting confused with my other project and thought that I already called setupIonicReact in this project; when I only did it in my other project. Though, when I did call it right now, it all worked properly. Thank you! I will try and figure out the issues with react-hammaerjs myself, for now.

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