Cannot reinstall ionic

Hi everyone,

I installed Ionic a couple days ago and today, I am trying to reinstall it. First, I uninstalled through sudo npm uninstall -g ionic. Then, I attempted to reinstall with sudo npm install -g ionic. The module shows up when I type npm list -g --depth=0:

├── cordova@5.1.1
├── ionic@1.0.0
├── phonegap@5.0.0-0.28.1
├── spawn-sync@1.0.11
└── steroids@4.1.9

I can run which cordova for example and it prints


but when I say which ionic, it prints nothing. And the command ionic prints -bash: ionic: command not found. Restarting Terminal does not help either.

I have tried using node versions 0.10.39 and 0.12.4 (latest at the time of this posting), and npm versions 1.4.28 and 2.10.1. Curiously enough, there is an ionic folder within the node_modules folder:

**********:~ ******$ ls /usr/local/lib/node_modules/
cordova		ionic		phonegap	spawn-sync	steroids

Update: The cause of this problem might be from the previous installation, since one of my coworkers was able to install Ionic, and he never had it installed before.