Cannot read video from Android documents directory

For the life of me I cannot figure this out…using Capacitor Filesystem to try and read file urls. The error I get is: Entry does not exist.

its def happening on the Filesystem.stat. I have tried passing just the filename and using the directory parameter and tried using resolveNativePath to pull the file:// and then remove the directory but I get the same error.

Any help would be appreciated.

Here is my code:

chooseVideo(): Promise<PayloadModel|string> {
    return new Promise(async (resolve, reject) => {
      try {
        const file = await FilePicker.pick();
        const filePath = await this.filePath.resolveNativePath(file.uri);
        const fileStat = await Filesystem.stat({
          path: filePath
        const fileName = fileStat.uri.substr(fileStat.uri.lastIndexOf('/') + 1);
        const type = fileStat.type.substr(fileStat.type.lastIndexOf('/') + 1).toLowerCase();
        const pattern = /video-*/;
        if (!fileStat.type.match(pattern)) {
          reject(fileStat.type.toUpperCase() + ' is not a supported file type.');
        if (!supported_android_formats[type]) {
          reject(type.toUpperCase() + ' video format is not supported by our platform.');
        if (fileStat.size > MAX_FILE_SIZE) {
          reject('Video size is too large. Maximum size is ' + (MAX_FILE_SIZE / 1024) / 1024 + 'MB');
        resolve({ url: fileStat.uri, name: fileName, type: fileStat.type });
      } catch (err) {