Cannot locate filesystem assets when cordova app is built in osx 10.15, xcode 11


  • osx 10.15
  • xcode 11
  • node js 8.12.0
  • cordova 8.0.0
  • cordova-plugin-ionic-webview 2.3.2

The app I’m trying to debug works by downloading an app manifest from our server, then creating script tags to cache bust automatically. Basically, so we don’t have to release to apple’s app store whenever we deploy a release.

In osx 10.13 and xcode 10 this strategy was working, but after upgrading ionic (or cordova?) can’t locate files saved to the ios filesystem. When I open xcode and download the container I can see the files are saved in the correct place: AppData/Library/files/data/

The initial javascript we bundle runs fine, it’s just these external assets that are saved we cannot seem to access anymore. I’m having a difficult time solving this one (or figuring out which library the problem originates from), any help is appreciated.