Cannot find module './bufferFile'

I am trying to run “ionic serve” and I get the following:

Uh oh! Looks like you're missing a module in your gulpfile:
Cannot find module './bufferFile'

Do you need to run `npm install`?

I have tried:

  • Uninstalling and reinstalling Ionic
  • Clearing the NPM cache with force option
  • Reinstalling NPM
  • Installing the latest version of Node.js
  • using NPM to install “bufferFile” (not found)
  • using NPM to install “./bufferFile” (not found)

Can anyone offer any suggestions? Thanks.

I deleted everything under “node_modules”, and replaced the contents with those from a new, blank template project. That seems to have fixed the problem. I have no idea how I got into this state, but I hope this can help someone else should they encounter this problem.