Cannot debug over WIFI?

This morning, I updated my OS X to 10.10.4, and also updated my Xcode to Version 6.4

After this update, I can no longer use 'ionic run ios --device".
It builds fine through Xcode, but not through the CLI. Quite strange.

When I run ionic run ios, it builds the package on my device with a 100% status connecting to a remote debug server, however right after that, it goes through ‘Install Phase’, then says

Found (91b6dee2af411c03b61db70b2a672c2287006279ss) connected through WIFI, beginning install

Then it slowly copies more files to my device, and finally at the end I get an error

Cannot debug (91b6dee2af411c03b61db70b2a672c2287006279ss) over WIFI.
Process 1168 exited with status = -1 (0xffffffff) lost connection

Not sure how to fix this issue.

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I had the same issue.
My solution was to disable WiFi on the device, afterwards debugging works!

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