Cannot click elements on the page after interceptor and redirected

I am using interceptor in my angular code to check if the user is logged in, if not redirect to ‘/users/login’ state. Its now successfully redirected using $state.go, but I cannot click or interact with my new page, this page got text field and buttons, and nothing happens when I click on them, I tested on Chrome browser with touch event which doesn’t work, but if I refresh the page in Chrome it start to work again, And nothing works in my Android emulator.

My interceptor:,
Redirective page:

I scanned through your code and don’t see anything that jumps out at me. As the login page works on reload, I can’t imagine anything is wrong with that particular portion.

It’s really hard to say what’s going on there without a full sample to work with. Can you create a simple version on CodePen that experiences the problem? If so, we can download it and build a local app to test against.

did u manage how to fix this?