Canadian startup looking for an intermediate level Ionic developer

Who am I
Check my blog to get an idea about my background. This is my 3rd startup. This is a no-nonsense startup opportunity and if you are a competent Ionic developer, I would love to hear from you. No agencies, no crappy applications please. The first startup I did saw usage of its product in over a 100 countries (Alertle). Last year StartupGrind published over a dozen of my articles about startups/marketplaces. Above all, I have developed multiple, complex Ionic applications myself – I love this framework!

What is this about
Its early days for this startup - but the current team assembled has had exceptionally strong background across various firms like eBay, Merrill Lynch, and IBM. We are not able to share details publically as yet, but happy to share in private/over chat, if we like your profile and think there could be a match.

About the position
Remote full-time position with a competitive local salary + incentives. Willing to consider freelancer / project-basis as well.

Bonus incentive
1. Canada: There could be the possibility of being able to relocate to Toronto, Canada if you are interested.
2. Tokens: There would also be crypto-tokens assigned because we are a blockchain startup at the end of the day.

Skill level
At least intermediate-level Ionic developer. We need speed, hustle and competency for the project. I am the CEO of this startup, and I am looking to replace myself partially in the product development role to focus on other things. Does that make sense ?

How to apply
Share your profile link (your reputation history in this forum), include any noteworthy projects/links to apps you have developed, and please also include your full-time monthly salary expectations in your local currency or other compensation expectations. Email at

Just sent you a PM. Kindly check it.

Waiting for your quick reply.

Gabriel Albert

This is an insufficient level of application: “I have checked the requirement and I can easily accomplish the mentioned task in minimum cost”.

Just FYI, that’s what I thought about you when I read your OP. I have the skills you request, but no interest in applying, because your company sounds sketchy. Maybe it’s serious and for real, but you haven’t posted a web site, and you’ve made no effort to demonstrate that you understand cryptography. More than maybe any other field, it’s really easy to think you’re smart about crypto and be totally wrong.


Please apply - there might be a fit.

This is my blog - where you can make a determination whether I am someone you want to work with or not.

You know it’s totally legit when you see this:

If our project does well - this will be the last job you would ever need to apply for. No bullshit.

I also didn’t realize Canada is such a hot place to relocate to.

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ctran - I have been to San Diego – clearly an amazing place, so won’t argue with you on that.

But there are other extremely talented and extremely motivated folks around the world who are looking for a step function in life. This could be that. Why are you trolling and taking a shit on this legit job posting ? Why don’t you go out and enjoy the beautiful San Diego weather on a Friday night ?

Folks – I am looking for genuine, competent candidates. Feel free to ask any other questions you might have and I’d be happy to answer!

I agree. This sounds sketchy and I don’t recommend this to others.

I also didn’t realize Canada is such a hot place to relocate to.

Canada is not a hot place to relocate to… there are many sketchy companies and the only reliable IT business they got is Shoppify.

Sorry jamesharvey - what’s the point of this trolling ? You are a beginner level developer at best (I did see your profile…), clearly this job is not for you. Why are you wasting your time and mine and trying to unnecessarily spread FUD ? If you had clicked through my blog, you won’t be talking like this.

I have seen this excellent community for 3 years, so I know this is better than the trolls who have commented here, and I will find who I am looking for: a competent, intermediate level Ionic developer.

Please quit this trolling and let authentic candidates engage with me here – please.

Also, its called “Shopify”, not “Shoppify”. Also, please quit this discussion about Canada being a hot place or not. Look, its subjective. To some folks, somewhere around the world, it might be, based on a lot of factors, such as quality of life, politics, and so on. Over 50% of Toronto’s population is visible majority – people from around the world come here. Amazon selected it as one of its top 20 finalists for its HQ2. Again, it is relative.

To some others, like the dude (ctran) sitting in San Diego working for a hot startup like ServiceNow – its not. Its OK.

What I cannot respect is no-gooders posting very unnecessary comments and trolling this thread. If you are not interested, please don’t comment/apply - as simple as that. If you are, click through my blog and understand my background and send me an email and I would be happy to hear from you!

Job posts are not for discussion.

Anyone interested can contact @satoshinakamoto.
All others can please just ignore it.


Is this opportunity still opened ? if opened we have 2 members would likely to join please connect over skype my id is live:yogarajyograjyogaraj

Hello sir,

Happy to assist you.
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Just sent you a PM. Kindly check it.

Waiting for your quick reply.

Hardik Patel