Can you help with SqlServer plugin?

Hi all, I have issues with in my ionic app android

I have a client that does not want an API to connect to DB, so i found this plugin but if I do a recursive function to execute the 3-4 queries that has that function. The execution time is high, so is not efficient. And if i do a simple for iteration, the interface always is blocked until all queries are finished.

I have the following question:

Exists, any plugin or other way to connect a SQL Server DB, without API and without that plugin?

If not exists… Anyone has the problems that I have with the above description?


Did the topic of security come up? little bobby tables

It would seem to me that the effort required to mitigate against SQL injection attacks in this setup would be at least as great as that required to make a REST middleware app.

Yeah, I know the SQL injection attacks… but this… client/customer has a private network so, he does not care about this.

The android device only can interact with DB only if it’s in the private network.

For that reason I ask this. Is not an usual scenario.