Can you guide me through ionic and xcode?

Hello guys. I am very frustrated and these kind of moments are very hard. I want to learn some things and i am eager to do it. in order to believe that all is good, i want you to give me your advice for these questions:

  1. i want to test application on real device. so what do i do? i try to build it everytime i change some line of codes, then i open xcode , and i choose file from platforms/ios . file extension xsworkspace. then i have it on xcode, then in xcode i choose my device and start building again. and then it installs on my phone. all is good.but all these step are too big and there must be easy way
  2. when i change something, i don’t want to import this xsworkspace file again in xcode, i just type ionic cordova emulate ios -lc --device , which i am doing because to run it on my device that’s connected via usb. but it says no target for emulator. deplyoing it simulator. i don’t want simulator.

Guys,how do you test it very quickly or what’s the best practices for that? i am stuck and can’t code until i figure it out. so time is important and i’d be happy and i will never forget your help :wink:

and when i try to do ionic cordova build ios from terminal, it doesn’t work and says. signing app is required which means it has to be built from xcode ,why how to do all these stuff quickly and efficiently?

Try ionic cordova run ios --device when you have solved the missing signature when building via cli.

This is the guide I used - I found it very helpful!