Can we use the framework to building a real world product now?


like the title described.


did you see the showcase gallery? A lot of real world apps there…


OK ,I will take a look.


I’d say without a doubt it’s possible! As @quicoli said, many apps are already deployed to the various app stores.

You may want to be careful about updating your apps to new Ionic versions and releasing updates to the stores, that would be my only real advice. Make sure you test thoroughly when you update to newer Ionic versions or consider freezing the version until there’s a requirement for you to update.


@edwrede_ZA get it,But now i cound not debugger app with my device,when i run

ionic run ios or android --device 

Its always display the error message said no device connected,the fact is I connected two devices on my mac,he can not found them,I google it 2 hours and not fixed yet .


hummmm so you are facing a problem… well, I believe you already had read this: Testing you app. If hadn’t, please, do it. There some instructions and I believe your problem is in you environment, not in Ionic.