Can we use query params in ionic4?

We have used query params for angular projects. can we use qury parmas in ionic project?
is there any side effect or security issues?

There are a lot of contexts in which you might be talking about “query params”: to pass junk around via the router in internal URLs, when talking to backends. I’m not sure exactly what you’re referring to here, but some generic comments:

There are very few (if any) things that one cannot do in an Ionic/Angular app that one could do in a non-Ionic Angular app. There are a few things I wouldn’t do, such as include another UI toolkit like Bootstrap, simply because I think it would be a case of “too many cooks spoiling the broth”.

Regarding security, as long as you are in control of what goes into the query params, there isn’t much to worry. about. Once you start accepting user-supplied data and feeding it to parts of your app that expect it to be sanitized from malicious injection, things get a bit hairier. Angular protects you from a lot of these attack vectors, and as long as you don’t subvert its efforts (by blindly having DomSanitizer mark stuff trusted), you should be fine. I don’t know of anything Ionic does here that would add any additional risk.

Feel free to respond with more detail if you have some specific workflow or attack scenario you are concerned about.