Can we use Ionic Framework to build apps for Firefox OS?


If yes, how. List of some resources to get started would be really helpful.

Thanks :smile:


Follow the getting started guide, and instead of ionic platform add android, you run ionic platform add firefoxos afterwards you run ionic platform build firefoxos

I’ve really liked this article to get you started for development in firefoxos:

What you do, is you want to try a “hosted” app and point to your file location of the ionic project, then point to the platform/firefoxos directory :wink: There is one flaw in ionic’s structure here, in the platform/firefoxos manifest.webapp you need to change the “launch_path” from ‘\\index.html’ to ‘/index.html’. After this, my app runned smoothly and could be tested on the firefoxos emulators :slight_smile:


Wow. Thank you so much!!! That was great. Until now I was thinking about iOS and Android, but recently I am in love with Firefox OS.