Can not stop the refreshing-icon

Hi guy,
Im a newbie,
Im trying to using ion-refresher.
My code:

 <ion-refresher   (ionRefresh)="refreshNotifications($event)">

In page:

refreshNotifications(refresher) {

but i get the error:

Parameter ‘refresher’ implicitly has an ‘any’ type.

What I missing? Provider or component?

You have to call


to stop the refresher.

The problem is that i can not using “refresher” parameter.

Strange. I do the same in my project without erreor.

Is notification.ts the typescript of the html page?

@lien has noImplicitAny enabled (which is a good thing), @Jacktoolsnet does not.

import {Refresher} from 'ionic-angular';
refreshNotifications(refresher:Refresher)  {

@Thank @Jacktoolsnet , @rapropos
I added

import {Refresher} from ‘ionic-angular’;

and it works right now.

I started with an ionic empty projekt. So where can I set this setting and why it is not a standard setting when it is the better one?

And why is it the better one?


Above my pay grade.

Because it encourages you to be more rigorous about declaring types of things, which will help you move a bunch of bugs from runtime (where they are tedious and time-consuming to find) to build time (where the build tools will tell you exactly what is wrong).