Can Ionic services (push, deploy, etc.) write configurations to a custom directory, i.e. not www


I have set up my Ionic project, in such a way that I do my development in a custom directory (www_dev) and have a gulp watch task that watches files in this directory. When a file is modified, the gulp watch task will process those files and copy them over to the www directory. This is done so the files in the www directory are not the raw development files, but minified and otherwise optimised.

This approach worked fine for me, until I started to use Ionic View. When I follow the steps in the tutorial to upload the app to Ionic View, Ionic writes to files in the www directory. Is it possible that ionic uses the www_dev directory instead? Now I need to manually find what changes Ionic has done in the www directory and copy them over t the www_dev directory, because otherwise my gulp tasks would just overwrite the changes Ionic has made in the www directory.

Thanks for you help