Can Ionic/Cordova handle these application needs?


I’m relatively new to Ionic, and I have an idea for an application I’d like to make. However, it is somewhat complicated and I’m not sure if Ionic can handle all the functionality that I will need.

Can Ionic provide the following functionality?

Google Maps
Simple animations (switching the location of UI components)
Bluetooth connection with workout bands (FitBit, etc.)
Internet connection with another device (sending data between devices every second)


cordova can handle almost anything native apps do and ionic too


yes it can handle all these functins easily and you will find alot of toutorials that target these same topics.


Should you need to add something on native land, that is not available as a plugin, it is possible to write your own cordova plugin. Then only that part need to be written separately for each OS. Your UI and most of your app can still be created only once in Ionic.

For animations, look at one of many css animation libraries out there. They commonly define useful low level animations/transitions that you can use by their name instead of having to write keyframes yourself. UI components are just plain Html DOM nodes with css styles to make them look like buttons etc, so you can apply any css animation to them.