Can Ionic be used to create digital magazines?


I have been looking for last 24h to find a open source framework for making android ebook and magazine apps and I have not found much.

I wonder could android magazines be made with Ionic framework? I see “slide box” and “grid” as some useful starting points but I am clueless


What are you trying to achieve? Do you want a “paperfeel” magazine with turning pages etc? Or do you want to provide a place with information and pages next to each other…

In theory, you can make anything you want, your requirements define wether or not a framework is your best choice :wink:


pretty much I want to create recipe app so I wondered if “slide-box” is appropriate for like ebook/magazine page for recipe. I like the colors slide-box provides and how it looks so I wanted to include that multi page slide box in my app and overlay the colorful background with recipe text. I hope that can be done!?

thanks for prompt reply @iwantwin


I guess you mean the example on ?

I doubt the colors come with the slidebox, I guess the colors are just custom classes with a background-color. This means that you can define your own colors for the background, and you can indeed overlay it with recipe text, that’s certainly possible.

Personally, I haven’t worked with the slidebox yet, but I’m pretty sure this will fit your needs. If you are planning to support desktop browsers, the most recent versions will probably be able to use the slidebox, but earlier versions (not that long ago actually) will not be able to render the slides nice. Slides in ionic use the trasform:translate3d() property, this is not supported in all browser, especially internet explorer, and other browsers need vendor prefixes: If you just care about mobile, it should be fne :slight_smile:

(Also, you could create custom support for non-supported desktop browsers by just setting margins and absolute positions on certain changes on the delegate EDIT: this give a sort of jumping feeling, but it’s better for supporting browsers :stuck_out_tongue: This is a pretty pain in the ass to manage though, no fun, unless you really want to support people with old(er) browsers. )


@iwantwin if I could I would hire you…thanks a bunch for time and effort in explaining all to me


Haha, you’re welcome :smile: Just let me know if you get stuck with something, glad to be able to help!