Can I use Ionic 4 with jQuery?

Can you please refer me to a place I can read or see examples about that?


Not sure if there are any “Using jQuery with Ionic 4” tutorials out there, but it should be pretty straightforward. Just install/set up @ionic/core:

and also have jQuery installed and that should be that. You will be able to use Ionic web components, and you will be able to use jQuery however you please.

Do you really mean using Ionic/Angular 4 with jQuery? Because the answer there is “Don’t.” The problem isn’t Ionic, it’s that Angular and jquery compete. So just pure, framework-independent Ionic with jQuery is fine. But once you add in a framework, you have to look at what it is doing under the hood compared to what jQuery is doing.

Just add the jQuery CDN and jQuery stuff in a simple HTML page, right?

<script src="">