Can I use capacitor with a Rails React web app?

Please describe the question in detail and share your code, configuration, and other relevant info. Hi, I’m hoping to use Capacitor to create an iOS app out of my rails react app ( From what I gather, this ought to be very possible but am having trouble with setup:

What is this webDir with index.html ? More specifically what is this index.html supposed to contain?
I’m trying to figure out the equivalent in Rails React (since there are many), is this the index.html my domain root points to?

For those who are not familiar with Rails (or Rails React), Rails uses a view/layouts/application.html template for all pages. Inside this layout html file, there is a <%= yield %> ruby tag where each different route/page will insert its content into the body. Sometimes the content of each route/page will render (e.g embed) additional content from another Html file.

I guess there isn’t a primary main index.html file in a Rails React web application. I would appreciate any ideas/suggestions or if anyone could point me towards any references.

What is the entry point for a rails app - for the browser?

Are the pages dynamically generated per request?

Capacitor needs static assets copied into a folder