Can i open inappbrowse Inside ionic PopUp?

I am finding solution from last 2 day. But, I didn’t get.
I want image with Pinch Zoom functionality.
Image should open in popup with Pinch Zoom.

Inside popup i want to open page using’’,’’,’’);

Is there any solution ??
Please Help …

Inside popup i want to open page using‘file:///android_asset/www/assets/image.html’,’_blank’,‘location=no’);

Please reply…
Is it possible or not?

This is just an example to show how you would set it up,

Instead of calling modal, you would call a function that opens the inappbrowser.

What wasn’t working for you?
AFAIK, inappbrowser can’t call pages from with in the app. Use a modal instead for create lightbox effect

I want image should be with Pinch Zoom functionality. In InAppBrowse, Pinch Zoom is working by default. But i want image inside popup with Pinch Zoom.

I did not tested on device. Will it work on device??? I will check in morning.

Hi Mhartington,
I tested on micro-max device Pinch Zoom is not supporting. :frowning:

Here, I put together a sample project for you to test out.

What should i do here ?? This code don’t content PinchToZoom.

Yes, if you test this on a device, the modal does support the pinch to zoom, specifically herer

Pinch zoom is supporting when i open using but inside popup not working…

But it does work inside I modal, just tested it on both an iphone and android device (4.1) and everything worked fine.

Can you post some code? Maybe something went wrong in yours

Hi Mhartington,

Pinch zoom is working but there are two issue-

  1. horizontal scroll is not working when i pinch zoom image .
  2. image is getting starch due to that image is displaying blur. Image should maintain aspect ratio and image should not blur.
  1. This can be resolved by add `direction=“xy” to the ion-scroll directive

  2. Image was getting blurry, but that was because it was a low-res image. Replacing any of the images with a high-res one will resolve this.

As far as aspect ratio getting ruined, I wasn’t getting this on android or ios, so I’m not sure what could be.

Hi Mhartington,

Thanks for reply.
I already tried using high resolution image. It was blur.

I resolve that issue using plugin. it is working fine for me.

Was it ever resolved that you can have an inappbrowse within an Ionic popup? For example, a user clicks on an action which requires a login. Instead of routing them off the page, display a modal to allow them to login. However, a Facebook login would require an inappbrowse, but I would like to contain that within the modal and not cause a route off. Thoughts?

Not going to be possible. You can’t do any oauth in an iframe, since it’s not secured and facebook blocks it.
Using inappbrowser is going to be the only way to do it.