Can I make Windows Phone 8.1 Apps?

I have a small application that works on Android and iOS, I’m wondering if it’s possible to make a Windows Phone 8.1 version.
The application is very simple that uses the sidemenu starter project, and just a few pages and some popups.
The problem that Ionic is not supporting WP8.1 officially and I don’t own a Windows Phone device yet, but I want to know if it’s possible with some tricks to make it possible.

Thank you.

In the moment i am working on an app for Windows Phone 8.1, but there are some problems with it. I thingk there is not a big community use WP8.1 and ionic. So i will stop working with Ionic and maybe going to Xamarin oder native because u can’t sell a app with those existing problems:

My big problem with ionic and WP8.1 is scrolling. I can scrol the whole app an all soluions i find do not work. I think it is because the softkeys. On some devices u can’t hide them and the app seems to big for the screen. If i do not found a solution today i will stop working with ionic for WP8.1. Look here for my problem

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