Can i include both the ionic 1 and version 2nd in same project

Hi i checked the docs for the ionic version 2 and am curious to know whether that i can include both of them in the same project ,cause i am about to complete the project and dont want to create the project from scratch

A short answer is no; you cannot use them together. Ionic 1 uses Angular 1, and Ionic 2 uses Angular 2. We are talking about two completely different technologies plus bot of them use significantly different architecture.

Hi @Gajotres,

For a mid-sized 1.x app, would you recommend we do a conversion all at once from 1.0 to 2.0?

Had been hoping there might be a way to move to Angular 2 with Ionic 1 components using ngUpgrade as a first step, and then migrate to Ionic 2. Posted a more detailed question on this at Ionic 1 -> 2 Migration Strategy (ngUpgrade, Angular 1.5, etc)

Thanks for any help

You can use ngUpgrade to include both Angular 1 and Angular 2 in the same project and have them work together. Any reason we couldn’t also include Ionic 1 and Ionic 2 so we can convert a component at a time? Any gotchas with this approach?