Can I implement Push Notification in my iOS App with a Drupal backend


I building an iOS App whose content is being brought from a Drupal site.

I intend to implement “Push Notification” functionality in my app that whatever notification a user sends through my Drupal site is received on my app.

There is a particular module Push Notification, made specifically for this and has integration with Services, but I can’t seem to figure out how I’ll show the Push Notification on my app when it’s sent from my Drupal site.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

I can not find any documentation but it should works like this:

  1. you have a rest-endpoint where you can register the mobile devices
    –> use pushplungin in your mobile app --> get devices uuid and then the push notification token
    –> send this token to you drupal-endpoint to store the token

  2. there should be a GUI in your Drupal backend where you configure your certificates (iOS) and API-Keys (Google)
    –> there you can send notifications manually or configure special triggers

But like i said i can not find any clearer documentation:

Allows tokens to be registered and deleted through REST interface (requires Services module)