Can i generate an IPA file with a checked-in [git] folder of ionic platforms folders? Errors says:'www/build/main.js' not found

I am currently working on Ionic 2 project, and i am in need of adding all the files in git, so that other person just have to download the code [need not build the application with : ionic build ios] and just run it. I know adding all platform files to git is not recommended, but currently i need to add it, for a client of mine. When i check-in all files under platforms folder, looks like the it is generating some specific code in my mac, and hence is not able to be run on other mac for the first time. If the other user is adding a new platform, he is able to run it. Other wise with the checked in version of platforms folder, he gets a empty screen in the app, as few folders for www/build/main.js is not available for him. How can i check-in everything to git, so that the other person only has to download [with out need of re-build] and still be able to generate a working IPA file?

Go through the folders, remove or edit .gitignore files that remove /platforms and subfolders from being commited to Git. If you get all of them, and the users opens the correct Xcode project, should work fine.

Thanks for your reply, Sujan. I have it checked-in platforms folders to git. But looks like some code specific to generated machine was generated, and when i check-in this files, in other other mac, when i check-out this folder, and i simply run the app in simulator[with out re-building], then it says ‘www/build/main.js’ not found.

Any thoughts on how can i check-in this platforms folder, so that i don’t have to rebuild it on other machine?

I am not on Mac right now, but as far as I remember this shouldn’t happen. I will be able to test this later today I think.

It will be great, if you can help me in this. Thanks in advance!