Can I create a push notification detail view with Ionic?

I’m looking at feasibility of creating an ionic app that would mostly work around push notifications. In fact, the app, if possible would do almost nothing but handle these push notifications (it’s an internal workflow app for a potential client). The general idea is the app would ask the user a question via the push notification, and then (and this is the part I’m unsure about) collect an answer to the question for saving to our app’s api, without having to open the app itself.

Notifications by default don’t have any functionality that would enable collecting additional info, but I did find info about a “detail view” (

Basically it says:

“Provide intuitive, beneficial actions. A notification detail view can include up to four action buttons. These buttons should be for performing common, time-saving tasks that eliminate the need to open your app. Use short, title-case names that clearly describe the action results. A notification detail view can also display an onscreen keyboard for collecting information needed to take action. For example, a messaging app might let people respond directly from a new message notification.”

Can Ionic be used to create this detail view with the additional functionality mentioned above, IE answering the question posed in the notification?

Thanks so much for any guidance!