Can i access native application database in ionic application? If yes, then how?

Please refer my problem at below link:

What do you mean by, “native application database”?

Ready my question over there, all explained already.

Aha, I see. I’d imagine this would be theoretically possible if the database is in some sort of shared device folder. Otherwise I’m not aware of a solution, sorry.

This is OS-specific. For Android, you need to use the sharedUserId parameter in the manifest and make sure both apps are signed with the same certificate. Details here. For iOS, google “app groups”.

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Do you have to update the old app? Or could you also add a new app to the app store that will be available at the same time? I

I ask because I think replacing the old app will be much harder as it will make using the solutions @rapropos posted impossible. If you replace the app the database will maybe lost on update, at least you would need some code to access this native database (what are you using by the way?) in the native part of your app and transferring it to something Ionic/Cordova can work with.

Interesting problem.