Can build Ionic 4 mobile with no webpack?

I’m trying not to using Ionic no Webpack in mobile iOS, Android.

I want to be www folder is same to originally resource.(resource means index.html, index.js, index.css …)

1.ionic build iOS
2.webpack create like this.

chunk { 0 } 0.js, () 16.4 kB [rendered]
chunk { 1 } 1.js, () 12.9 kB [rendered]
chunk { 2 } 2.js, () 17.3 kB [rendered]

3. is it possible is index.html …like other related name?


if I should be use with webpack,
can I change the name like,…?

I was trying to use Webpack-manifest-plugin.
but the result is same mapping like

“1.js” : “”


Please help.